0049 - What does Lee want? - 2018.09.10



Yes, in an effectively post-scarcity world where poverty is eliminated and people like Lee receive basic income, there are still con artists and scammers. They are much rarer, though, and they generally tend to receive far less sympathy. It's tough to make the argument that you're stealing bread to feed your starving family when your family is already - as Marie Antoinette suggested - eating cake.


0049 - 2167/07/06/10:56 - Rosenthal College, Phi building, classroom 1248
OT: ...and that's the difference between inductive and deductive reasoning. Now, I'm not assigning homework, but we will be finishing chapters one and two by the end of the week, so I'll expect you all to have finished reading them before then. We will have a test Friday, and anything in those two chapters is fair game!
OT: Mezzer Caldavera, I know you don't have any other classes after this, stick around, I'd like to speak to you privately.
LC (whispering desperately): don't leave me
Zoa: I won't.
LC: don't leave me!
Zoa: I'm here.
OT: Mezzer Caldavera, I couldn't help but notice that you spent my entire class hunched over, whispering back and forth with your... sex droid.
LC: Hnnfrr.
Zoa: I can assure you, Mezzer Twofeather, Lee retained everything you said about the schools of thought in ancient Greece and how to form logical arguments. It was a very good class, very well taught. Well done.
OT: Mm. You know, I never got a chance to ask you my little trick question. Why do you want to study philosophy?
Zoa: Well, the human search for meanin-
OT: I don't want to hear it from you, robot. I want to hear it from them.
OT: Speak up, Caldavera. I know you're here on a drop-in basis, I know you aren't in any sort of program with prerequisites. You signed up for six different classes last night, and dropped five of the six just twenty minutes before showing up here.
OT: If this is some sort of weird financial scam, I warn you, Rosenthal College has caught and prosecuted people like you before.
OT: Well? Why are you here, Lee? What do you hope to gain? What's the plan? Hmm? Spit it out! What do you want?