0005 - Depression - 2017.11.06



Doc is not a person. Doc does not have emotions or an ego. Doc does not get insulted or frustrated.

I'm sure that icy blue colour change is purely based on a random number somewhere in the code.

As for me, though, I do get annoyed when I see people misusing and appropriating psychological terms. "Depressed" does not mean "sad". "Triggered" does not mean "made upset". "ADD" does not mean "feeling antsy". "OCD" does not mean "I like it when things are tidy". Words have meanings, damn it, brainsciencey words doubly so.


0005 - 2167/07/05/17:47 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
LC: I know you think my barsoomaboo shows are stupid, but they've got really sophisticated plotlines and... and maybe watching fictional characters go through their dramas is... emotional training? For helping me go through my own interpersonal dramas?
Doc: To be clear, we are talking about the show with the magical plasma bears and the reanimated corpses, yes?
LC: It's also the only thing that keeps my depression at bay. I need it.
Doc: You are not depressed.
LC: Excuse me?
Doc: "Depression" is a specific medical condition, one that has been known and treated for centuries. It can be cured easily with a chemical rebalancer and a cortical implant, both of which you have.
Doc: You have sadness. You have loneliness. You have ennui. But you are not "depressed", any more than you have smallpox or leprosy.
LC: Well... I self-identify as being depressed, so you need to respect that.
Doc: As you wish. You also have slightly low blood sugar at the moment, would you like to self-identify as diabetic?