0051 - In which Orb Twofeather is helpful - 2018.09.24



Orb Twofeather, of course, knows that Zoa is not a person. That much is obvious and logical and good and right and legal. Monogamous jealousy is a funny thing, though, and Orb is wise to be wary.

Zoa may have actually had an easier time convincing Orb to make use of its services if it hadn't engaged them in conversation about class attendance first. When one wishes to purchase the specific services of a specialized tool, it is a bad advertisement if your first encounter that tool is it doing something other than that one function.


0051 - 2167/07/06/10:58 - Rosenthal College, Phi building, classroom 1248
OT: I'm sorry if I came on a little strong, there, Mezzer Caldavera. If you need help... well, I can escort you to the head office, at least.
Zoa: We would appreciate that. I'm sorry if I was a little... assertive with you just now. You're not an authoritarian, it's just that your whole aeronautics trick at the beginning of class... well, I get that it's a fun memorable little prank, and I didn't want to spoil the surprise for people, but it was kind of upsetting for Lee, here.
LC: I'm... I'm not a baby.
Zoa: You freaked out. I could tell. Are you good to walk to the head office?
LC: Yeah. Just... don't leave me, okay?
Zoa: I won't.
OT: Alright. It's in Epsilon building, that's across the hex. Follow me. I think I've done enough waving my fifteen centimeters around for today.
Zoa: Thanks again, Mezzer Twofeather. You ever need those fifteen seen to, you let me know. My rates are very reasonable, and for you, the first beej is half price.
OT: I beg your goddamn pardon?
Zoa: Hey, I'm not an emotional support aid full time, y'know.
OT: My spouse and I are monogamous.
Zoa: Well, you just tell'em it ain't cheatin' if it's not with a person.
OT: Tell you what, I'll pitch that line, and if they let me leave the room alive, I'll give you a call.
Zoa: Deal.