0053 - The faculty's job - 2018.10.08



You guys have been noticing how different locations/times/moods have different colouring styles, right?


0053 - 2167/07/06/11:04 - Rosenthal College, Epsilon building, office area
OT: Alright, this is Administration. You said you needed to speak to a human being?
Zoa: I assure you, I've gone as far with this as the automated bureaucracy would allow. We need a person with authority to override things.
OT: I'll see who I can find. Wait here.
[huddled together on chairs]
Zoa: How you holdin' up, boss?
LC: I feel so useless and shitty. I'm just a hassle for everyone else. All these other people are actually competent and have jobs and important things that they're doing, and I'm just getting in their way. I really am garbage.
Zoa: Hey, now, Lee, we've been over this. You're not garbage if you own yourself. Besides, these people are here to educate and manage and administer you. You're not preventing them from doing their job, you are their job.
LC: I guess that's true.
[OT has returned with Patricia Hightower]
PH: I'm on hour three of strike negotiations with the lesson writer's guild and I've got a few minutes while one of them's in the bathroom. This better be good, and it better be quick.
Zoa: ....although it is possible that I do not actually know their job description.