0055 - Autonomy - 2018.10.22



In Patricia Hightower's defense, sometimes bureaucracy means you have to be the bad guy, and being direct about it is the quickest way to get it over with.

That personal responsibility callback bit isn't too on the nose, is it?


0055 - 2167/07/06/11:06 - Rosenthal College, Epsilon building, office area
LC: I... I never intended to actually enroll. It was an accident.
PH: You mean to tell me that you enrolled yourself in Rosenthal college - submitted all the paperwork, filled out all the applications, applied for public funding, submitted the request for your "emotional support aid", picked out your classes, and approved your schedule.... entirely by accident.
LC: I... I sent Zoa to investigate the possibility of college on my behalf, and then I... became incapacit-
PH: You got drunk. A "drunken stupor", I believe Mezzer Twofeather said.
OT: Uh.... sorry, Lee. I mean, that was the phrase you used.
LC: It's not my fault!
PH: Oh, of course it isn't your fault! Someone else was cavorting with rented sex toys. Someone else drank all that alcohol. Someone else turned off your chemical rebalancer while keeping their personal data connection open.
PH: Mezzer Caldavera, adults with bodily autonomy have every right to abuse themselves, because they can make plans for it beforehand, while they're still sober. Regardless of your biochemical state, you have to live with the consequences of your actions. It's a simple matter of personal responsibility.
LC: ...but I don't get kicked out of my home if I stay in Mezzer Twofeather's class, though, right?
PH: IF Orb Twofeather makes the decision to KEEP you in their class, yes. But Orb isn't going to do that, are you, Orb?
OT: Is it too late for me to stay out of this?