0056 - The Ultimatum - 2018.10.29



Lee isn't the only one who's bad with technology that's supposed to be intuitive.


0056 - 2167/07/06/11:07 - Rosenthal College, Epsilon building, office area
OT: Look, Patricia, I admit, it was a little weird having Zoa sitting next to Lee, but it wasn't as disruptive as I thought it might be. Besides, it was the first class, the first class is always a little weird, people get settled in. If Lee wants to stay in my classroom, participates in discussions, and maintains a passing grade... I have no reason to kick them out.
PH: Very well, Orb. It's your call to make.
PH: But Lee Caldavera, that only buys you one semester... three months. I can assure you, I will be revisiting both the terms of student housing qualification and the specifications for an emotional support aid between now and then, and will be bringing all my concerns to the Board. You can expect changes.
Zoa (mouth closed): This "Board" you're speaking of - is there some way we can circumvent you and appeal to them directly?
PH: I thought I muted you.
Zoa: You made that request, yes, but you neither own me nor are renting my services, and it's not an emergency, so you don't actually have the authority to give me commands.
Zoa: Besides, what you actually told me to do was shut my orifice. I don't talk out of my orifice, I talk out of speakers in my neck. I just usually move my lips when I do it so it's less uncanny valleyish.
PH: Whatever. Ultimatum delivered, rules clarified, timeline established. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to get back to doing my actual job so that we have something to teach people next semester.
PH: You know the way out.