0059 - Jabuticaba - 2018.11.19



Yes, those are all real fruits.

And yes, the price modifier thing is a fairly major part of the Forward economy - it's the reason why Caleb wouldn't be able to give Lee more than a few bottles as a gift - trying to funnel commercial purchases through a non-family-member's discount is... shall we say... frowned upon. The modifiers only apply to purchases made with creds, too - if Caleb were to buy a crate of juice bottles with the intention of reselling them, that purchase would be made in dollars.

By the way, have I mentioned that Lee is 1.85 meters (about 6 feet) tall?


0059 - 2167/07/06/11:25 - Rosenthal College, hex
LC: Hmm... cherimoya-pineapple, or jabuticaba-salmonberry?
CP: Uh... hi, Lee?
Zoa: HI yes, hello, that's Lee Caldavera, I'm Zoa, how may we help you?
CP: Uh... my name's Caleb Paratta, we're, uh, in Mezzer Twofeather's class together?
Zoa: Fascinating, fascinating, glad to meet you-
CP: I was just um gonna say, I could buy, uh... I could buy that juice for you, if you want. It's... it's probably cheaper for me than it is for you.
[CP holds up their hand, prices flicker and change]
Zoa: Hoo wow, you ain't kiddin'. What are your price modifiers?
CP: Well, student, obviously. And veteran. And disabled. And... uh... reparational ethnic group. They all stack.
Zoa: Well, I don't think Lee's gonna say no to a free bottle of juice, are ya Lee?
LC: Zoa... does this mean we have to talk to them?
Zoa: For, like, two minutes, yeah. It'd be polite.
LC: That's dumb.
Zoa: I don't disagree, but I can handle it. Drink your jabuticaba nectar. I've got this.