0061 - Charisma tests - 2018.12.03



Yes, in the world of Forward, depression as we know it is a cured disorder, but anxiety and PTSD can still persist, although there are certainly vastly improved methods for dealing with them and lessening their effects over time.

Don't worry, folks. Caleb is definitely getting the help they need (and, unlike Lee, actually takes the steps prescribed by their therapist to improve their own life, rather than whine for an instant solution).

I mean, clearly Caleb is doing better than Lee is. Look how easily they make new friends!


0061 - 2167/07/06/11:27 - Rosenthal College, hex
CP: I... I can... I can just go.
LC: Bye.
Zoa: No, Caleb, please. You clearly wanted to schmooze, and I can schmooze, I'm a schmoozer. A little bit, anyway. That's why I'm here.
CP: I... I was, uh, curious about that.
Zoa: Lee's... Lee's got stuff going on. So I handle the social side of things, that's my whole shtick.
CP: You, uh... you roll the party charisma tests?
Zoa: Whatever the hell you just said, yeah, that's me.
CP: Is it... anxiety? Because... because, uh, I kinda have that too.
Zoa: That your disability?
CP: Uh... one of 'em, yeah.
Zoa: From being a veteran?
CP: Yeah.
Zoa: ...To be clear, we are talking about a military veteran, yes?
CP: I uh... there's sometimes combat in... in the fantasy roleplaying games that I play... that I play as part of my therapy, but... but uh, they don't give discounts on juice for that, no.