0065 - Zoa's downstairs - 2018.12.31



It is worth noting that the world of Forward, where body parts are effectively modular and singular they is the norm, is not meant to be a direct extension of our twenty-first century milieu. It is also worth noting that Zoa is speaking from a very specific reference point, one that may not apply to all - or even to most - humans.

Absent its connotations of beer and football, though, I do think there is a certain... proactiveness that will necessarily be associated with phalluses. Throughout the animal kingdom, males are the ones that initiate and advertise and fight and deceive their way into copulation, while females - who invest more time, more risk... if nothing else, more protein into reproduction - tend to be more selective and cagey.

So, sure, human prostitutes with penises are no doubt in high demand. Robots like Zoa, though... well, one generally does not want an appliance that initiates and advertises and fights and deceives.


0065 - 2167/07/06/11:34 - Rosenthal College, exterior
Zoa: Honestly, that's why I'm so glad to get that ESA money. With a regular income on top of blowjob work, I can finally start saving up to renovate my downstairs. Give potential clients more options, service a wider customer base.
LC: I'm guessing you'll be getting a telescoping, vibrating robophallus, to service clients with G-spots, huh?
Zoa: You kidding me? Absolutely not. I'm getting a big squishy pussy and a big squishy ass.
LC: Really?
Zoa: Ohhh yeah. Trust me, I know the market. In theory, the world we live in is all neutrally post-gender, but in practice... ain't nobody wants a robot with a cock.
LC: See, I know that can't be right. I see robots with cocks all the time.
Zoa: On TV?
LC: Yeah.
Zoa: That's a mammalian power fantasy. You don't actually want to get fucked by robots, you want to be able to fuck the way you imagine a robot can fuck. It's humans in gearface.
LC: I dunno, that's pretty foreign to me. I can't imagine wanting to be a robot at all.
Zoa: Even if it meant you weren't instinctually afraid of your classmates?
LC: Well, okay, so there would be one advantage...