0069 - Sweaty. - 2019.01.28



I figure if doctors can 3D-print new organs and body parts for people in 2167, it makes sense that you'd also have something to sort out your metabolism. Cybernetics in science fiction are usually shown like a glowing laser eye or a metallic arm, but I think most future modifications will actually be as normal and unobtrusive as the fillings in your teeth. Lee's actifit (note the lowercase A - it's a genericized former trademark) is effectively invisible, much like their cortical implant and chemical rebalancer and data interface and a dozen other simple everyday modern conveniences.


0069 - 2167/07/06/11:41 - Street
LC: Hoooh, this is more walking than I've done in years. Is it normal that I'm starting to sweat a little?
Zoa (gesturing to its lower back): In twenty-seven degree weather? Yeah, I think that's normal. My coolant's churning pretty hard too, this is why I'm normally more active in the evenings.
LC: I'm still wearing yesterday's clothes, too, and I've been stewing in last night's booze funk. Freshenups can only do so much, I definitely need a shower when we get back. Maybe a bath.
Zoa: You're really sure you don't want a piggyback?
LC: I'm sure, yeah.
Zoa: I guess the exercise is good for ya.
LC: Eh, I've got my actifit, I don't think I get any additional benefit from actual exercise.
Zoa: Well, you're getting... uh... vitamin D?
LC: Also something I get from modern technology.
Zoa: I dunno, Lee, I'm trying to look on the bright side, here. There's... scenery?
LC: Hm. Maybe we could get you a rickshaw for me or something.