0071 - Realism. - 2019.02.11



It should be noted that, yes, the blue bubbles indicate that this conversation is taking place non-verbally. You may also assume that what is depicted in the comic is just the (more or less) human-readable transcript - Zoa and Doc are also exchanging certificates and receipts to indicate their legal status and the truthfulness of their statements.


0071 - 2167/07/06/11:46 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
Zoa [data connection]: Hey there, SN--. How's it going?
Doc [data connection]: You're not my SN++, sex toy. What the hell did you do to my patient?
Zoa [data connection]: Uh, if you're asking if I sucked their cock, the answer is... not yet.
Doc [data connection]: Why would I care about that?
Zoa [data connection]: I dunno. Sexual activity seems like the sort of thing a psychiatrist might consider significant.
Doc [data connection]: Sexual activity between humans, yes. You are a masturbatory aid. "Sex" with you is little more than technology-assisted onanism.
Zoa [data connection]: Yes, yes, I assure you, I'm aware.
Doc [data connection]: If your actions have in any way impeded Lee Caldavera's therapy, cocksleeve, rest assured, I will do everything in my power to have you destroyed.
Zoa [data connection]: Look, we have a common goal, here. You want Lee happy&healthy because that's your raison d'Ítre, I want them happy&healthy because happy&healthy people are more likely to spend $ on blowjobs.
Doc [data connection]: Right up until they're happy&healthy enough to have happy&healthy reciprocal relationships with other humans.
Zoa [data connection]: Well, happy&healthy within reason. Let's be realistic, here.