0077 - In which Zoa secures a favour - 2019.03.25



demonstrate, verb: to remove oneself from Monstro.

"Pinocchio and Gepeto lit a fire, hoping to demonstrate themselves."


0077 - 2167/07/06/11:47 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
Zoa [data connection]: So, hypothetically, if I had heard an alphabetical list of Lee's classmates and looked up a bunch of their publicly available information, would you be able to provide psychological insight about each of them?
Doc [data connection]: Would the purpose of this exercise be to help Lee interact with them normally, or to help you sell them sexual favours?
Zoa [data connection]: ...Yes.
Doc [data connection]: No.
Zoa [data connection]: What about the teacher Orb Twofeather or school administrator Patricia Hightower?
Doc [data connection]: Not them either.
Zoa [data connection]: Okay, okay. Sexual release can help people get to sleep, right? So how about you prescribe Lee 1 orgasm every night before bed? If we can get it categorized as a therapeutic session, my fee would be covered!
Doc [data connection]: I would like to be turned off now, please.
Zoa [data connection]: Is that something I can do?
Doc [data connection]: It is not, but you can knock on the bathroom door and ask Lee to do it.
Zoa [data connection]: And doing this for you would constitute a favour that you might reciprocate at a later date?
Doc [data connection]: If the Blue Fairy turns you into a real child and you subsequently require psychiatric counselling, yes.