0078 - Permissions - 2019.04.01



...you've noticed how many permissions Lee has been signing over to Zoa, right?


0078 - 2167/07/06/11:47 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, bathroom
[SFX - knock on door, Zoa is heard from outside]
Zoa: Hey, Lee?
LC: Yeah?
Zoa: I, uh... I accidentally turned on your therapy program. Can you tell it to turn off?
LC: ...why can you turn it on but not off?
Zoa: I sat on what is apparently your therapy couch and I think some sensor somewhere thought I was you.
LC: Just putting weight on the couch shouldn't have done anything, I've stacked stuff on there before.
Zoa: I may have also vented some coolant. It made an organickish exhaley kind of noise.
LC: Don't vent coolant in my living room!
Zoa: It's nitrogen! It's clean!
LC: I don't care if it's clean! Don't vent coolant in my living room! If you need to vent coolant, either do it outside or in the bathroom with the purifiers on!
Zoa: If I leave the apartment I might not be able to get back in, and you're occupying the bathroom.
Zoa: You're also making the bathroom steamy, which is just going to make me need to vent more coolant.
LC: Fine, Zoa, I give you permission to enter and leave the apartment whenever you like, as well as permission to pause and unpause my therapist. Now let me soak, okay?