0008 - Public Notice - 2017.11.27



One of the central ideas I had before I started Forward - the a priori axioms, if you will - was that I would feel no obligation to show or explain the cool technology. There's already plenty of technoporn out there, and, quite frankly, I'm no good at it. In Forward, people can just do all the same stuff you can with your smartphone; instantly, intuitively, and infallibly, without any visible device. Don't worry about it.

Or, rather, do worry about it, because "instant", "intuitive" and "infallible" certainly don't mean "practical" or "responsible" or "good idea". Just don't worry whether Lee's unseen thingie is an Apple or an LG or a Samsung. I assure you, it will never matter.


0008 - 2167/07/05/17:49 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
LC (muttering to themself): stupid... fucking... broken damn thing.
LC [data connection]: Create notice >Public >Regional
LC [data connection]: "Single barsoomaboo-enthusiast seeks companionship. Come to [my address] any time"
LC [data connection]: Prettify text. Post immediately, expire in 24 hours. (Are you sure?) Yes.
LC waits silently for one panel.
LC (throwing up hands): AND NOTHING HAPPENS.