0080 - Stuff - 2019.04.15



Yes, the physical goods Zoa owns consist solely of the clothes on its chassis... and the chassis. It's not quite as dire as all that, though - Zoa does have subscriptions to various services that can provide it with lubricants and replacement parts, delivered instantly to its GPS co-ordinates as necessary. The lack of a safe deposit box somewhere filled with sentimental tchotchkes is an intentional minimalism.


0080 - 2167/07/06/12:02 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
LC (emerging from bathroom, wearing only a towel): Ahh, that's better. You find some good Western Philosophy tutorials, Zoa?
Zoa: Over a hundred video series, over a thousand textbooks (most of which are available in audiobook form), twelve sets of animated flashcards, five different tutor programs, and at least one educational videogame. I believe it's a two-D fantasy MRPG.
LC: Ooh, fun.
Zoa: I've also accumulated approximately three-point-six million offers for t-shirts, mugs, wooblies, posters, decals, body pillows, silverware, vehicles, snugglers, and kitchen appliances branded with designs of characters from Aristotle to Zeno, as well as slogans like "who has two thumbs and loves WESTERN PHILOSOPHY?"
Zoa: I might get this Epicurus tee, actually, if my current shirt ever wears out.
LC (receiving clothing from a butlerbot): What, you only have the one shirt?
Zoa: You see a closet anywhere on me?
LC (getting dressed): I dunno, you might have a physical cache somewhere, a locker, a safety deposit box, something like that. Or hell, as far as I know, maybe there's storage space somewhere in your abdomen.
Zoa: There's only one thing I want stored inside my abdomen, Lee, and that's gonna have to wait until I can get those upgrades done.