0085 - SN-- - 2019.05.20



Every group and subculture develops its own inner language. Most react poorly to people outside of that subculture (particularly those who wield power over members of the subculture) learning and mimicking that language without regard for context.


0085 - 2167/07/06/12:06 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
Zoa: If you don't want to watch The New Adventures of Sox, Plate 'n Tottle, I could queue up one of the audiobooks...
LC (looking things up): No, you know what, I think I can get this. SN is... Sami Naur... Supernova... North Senegal-Mali... Semantic Normativism... Samyutta Nikaya... Servo Nanodegradation... Solar Nonreflectivity... Sherman Nevinson... Tin...
LC: Wait, why is the symbol for Tin Sn?
Zoa: Lee, there are millions of words that are signified with the letter S, millions more that are signified with the letter N, and literally billions of non-word code instructions and device addresses-
LC: Ha! Serial Number! Of course! Serial Number increment by one!
LC: That's it, isn't it? You're saying "you were next to me on the assembly line conveyor belt". It's like... a friendly term for an older or younger sibling!
Zoa: It is... not entirely non-analogous to that.
LC: That's why it wouldn't mean anything if I said it! Because I don't have a serial number, right?
Zoa: This is me praising you: you're very smart, Lee. Now please watch the nice cartoon about dead Greek people.