0009 - Dingly-Dong - 2017.12.04



The "DemeGeek" corporation is called that because of a contest I ran at the end of 2016. The winner was a longtime fan who goes by that username, so their handle got shoehorned into the comic in a fairly plot-important place. As the DemeGeek corporation that owns this robot wasn't founded until 2134, we shall assume the two DemeGeeks have no actual relation to each other.


0009 - 2167/07/05/18:03 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
[door chime]
LC [data connection]: Door-who?
[data connection] : Autonomous nonspecified service provider, DemeGeek corporation. [picture of Zoa]
LC: The hell?
---------------------- [LC opens the door, Zoa is chipper and eager]
LC: What is it?
Zoa (air quotes): Hi there! You're Lee Caldavera? Put out the notice that you were looking for in-home... "companionship"?
LC: Yyyyeah?
Zoa: Wellllll, I was just wondering if, instead of human companionship, you'd be interested in renting an appliance instead!
LC: I already have a full suite of appliances. Cookers, cleaners, dishwashers...
Zoa: Ah yes, but does your dishwasher suck your cock for you?
LC: ...I would be very worried if it did.
Zoa: Yeah, me too. I don't need that kinda competition.