0090 - Born with tits - 2019.06.24



It is possible that Lee and Zoa's picture of Socrates is different from the one you likely gleaned from Wikipedia.

That is to say, Zoa has instantaneous access to thousands of records about Socrates, and all of those records are filled with scholarship and insight and deduction and archaeology that we won't have for another century, and Lee probably only learned that it isn't pronounced "sow-crayts" about two hours ago.


0090 - 2167/07/06/12:11 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
Zoa: Y'know, Lee, for the vast majority of human history, people didn't have the ability to change their bodies around like you can today. If you were born with tits, you just had to stick with'em, regardless of your personality.
LC: Very few people, I imagine, were born with tits.
Zoa: You know what I mean.
Zoa: So imagine that you're a person from ancient times. Imagine you're Socrates. Based on the images I've found, they had pale skin, white hair, big lumpy forehead, long wavy beard, no tits to speak of. How would you communicate your deep philosophical insights to the Athenians, if you had no way of changing that?
LC: I'd make friends with someone else, and get them to do it for me.
Zoa: Uh... okay, granted, that does appear to be what Socrates did, yes.
LC: Of course, the Athenians would probably still all hate my guts.
Zoa: That... also was the case, yes.
LC: And, regardless of my great lumpy genius deductive brain, they'd find a way to force their toxicity down my throat...
Zoa: You've been reading ahead, haven't you?