0095 - Bad people - 2019.07.29



I kinda want to watch The New Adventures of Sox, Plate and Tottle.


0095 - 2167/07/06/12:28 - Lee Caldavera's apartment, living room
Zoa: You want to watch the next episode? Plate gets stuck in a cave and Sox 'n Tottle have to rescue them.
LC: No, I'm still curious about your "no bad people" thing. What about Hitler? What about the people who fed Socrates poison? What about Sorcelance?
Zoa: The first two are centuries dead and the last is a fictional character. They aren't people.
LC: Humans can be bad post mortem?
Zoa: Of course.
LC: Hm. That's sort of backwards to how we normally speak of the dead.
Zoa: Now, obviously, that depends on how you define "good" and "bad" people. Much like making the world a "better place", it's wibblety-wobblety. It depends on what you're really trying to accomplish, what you consider to be good or bad.
LC: Do you think Socrates thought of themself as a bad person? Is that why they self-harmed?
Zoa: In my experience, very few humans think of themselves as bad people, regardless of their characteristics or actions... and the ones that do think of themselves as bad rarely do so for any kind of legitimate or logical reason.
LC: So there can be a legitimate or logical reason to believe that a living human being is bad?
Zoa: No comment.