Forward Art by other people - Safe for Work

Zoa - bust shot - This shot of Zoa is by Strype, who knows his robots! 2017.11.09

Lee - portrait - A portrait of Lee by Seth Triggs. Very comfortable-looking. 2017.11.23

Zoa - portrait - A portrait of Zoa by Seth Triggs. Out on the streets! 2017.11.30

Lee - in bed - Lee in bed by Seth Triggs. Ennui level: Maximum. 2017.12.08

Lee - watching shows - Lee watching some media. Seth Triggs. Fortunately, in 2167, you don't have to worry about eye strain from sitting too close to the screen... 2018.02.15

Forward promo - This was actually a (very delayed) Christmas present from my friend Serena! 2018.02.20

Lee - fan shirt - Another piece by Seth Triggs, of Lee showing their fan pride! 2018.05.10

Zoa - shopping - Yet another piece by Seth Triggs, of Zoa looking for new clothes. 2018.05.24

Zoa - kneeling - This was a commission from JamesAB, of Zoa letting us know what it will and will not do for credits. 2018.08.20

Zoa and Lee - This was fanart from Erin Ptah, who draws the webcomic Leif And Thorn, which you should read! 2018.08.30

Zoa closeup - This was fanart for my birthday from Missy Merlin, who draws a whole lot of comics! 2018.10.05

Lee - upwards - This is a nice headshot of Lee from Seth Triggs. 2018.10.18

Lee - anxious - This is a fullbody sketch of Lee from CurioScuro. 2019.03.23

Lee - pretty - This pic from Seth Triggs is topless, but I think it belongs up here. 2019.04.18

Lee - legs - Lee's legs, by Seth Triggs. 2019.05.24/p>

Lee - more beauty - Y'know, I'm starting to think Seth Triggs really likes Lee. 2019.06.27

Caleb - plaza - Here's a Caleb from Seth Triggs... 2019.08.08

Orb in class - ...then an Orb from Seth Triggs... 2019.08.08

Patricia portrait - ...and a Patricia from Seth Triggs. 2019.08.08

Lee - more legs - Seth Triggs drew Lee showing off their legs. 2019.08.22

Lee and Zoa chat - Seth Triggs again. 2019.08.29

Lee in a skirt - Seth Triggs keeps going! 2019.09.05

Patricia with flower - Seth Triggs is one of the only people who shows Patricia any love... 2019.09.12

Lee from behind - Seth Triggs usually does these on his weekly streams. 2019.09.26

Orb - pleasant stroll - Seth Triggs likes Orb. 2019.10.10

Patricia - nice portrait - Patricia looking casual, by Seth Triggs. 2019.10.16

Orb - over shoulder - An Orb, by Seth Triggs. 2019.11.28

Patricia - crossed - Patricia somewhat upset, by Seth Triggs. 2019.11.28

Caleb - contemplative - Caleb does a lot of thinking. By Seth Triggs. 2020.01.02

Lee - isolation - Loneliness is a terrible thing. By Seth Triggs. 2020.01.09

Orb & Bastacia - portrait - Orb and their spouse enjoying the day. By Seth Triggs. 2020.01.23

Orb & Bastacia - morning - Orb waking up in the morning. By Seth Triggs. 2020.03.26

Caleb - window - Caleb, looking wistful. By Seth Triggs. 2020.04.02

Lee - frustration - Lee, in their natural state of being. By Seth Triggs. 2020.04.23

Caleb - solitary stroll - Caleb, walking. By Seth Triggs. 2020.04.30

Caleb - contemplating workout - Caleb, working out. By Seth Triggs. 2020.05.14

Lee - much passion - Lee is a very passionate person at times. By Seth Triggs. 2020.05.28

Orb - college portrait - I've always admired how Seth draws buildings. By Seth Triggs. 2020.06.04

Emotional Supports - This is by Erin Ptah, who draws Leif and Thorn. The other characters are from Broken by Kristina Caruso. 2020.06.07

Lee - hiding - Lee, hiding under the blankets (mostly) By Seth Triggs. 2020.06.11

Lee - the world - Lee, away from the world. By Seth Triggs. 2020.06.25

Lee - noodles - Lee, having lunch. By Seth Triggs. 2020.08.13

Lee - sundress - Lee, in a multicoloured sundress. By Seth Triggs. 2020.08.20

Orb - rainy day - Orb in the rain. By Seth Triggs. 2020.09.17

Caleb - peaceful sleep - Caleb getting much-needed rest. By Seth Triggs. 2020.11.19

Lee - turkey dinner - Even in the future, people eat turkey on special occasions. By Seth Triggs. 2020.11.26

Lee - strident expression - Lee can be forceful when they want. By Seth Triggs. 2020.12.03

Bastacia - casual, rocks - Orb's spouse, in nature. By Seth Triggs. 2020.12.10

Lee - snowy day - Lee inside, snow outside. By Seth Triggs. 2020.12.31

Caleb - dice - Everyone loves polyhedrons! By Seth Triggs. 2021.01.07

Zoa - charging - Zoa taking time to recharge. By Seth Triggs. 2021.02.04

Orb & Bastacia - sunset - Orb and their spouse, enjoying quality time. By Seth Triggs. 2021.03.11

Caleb - park - Caleb, at peace. By Seth Triggs. 2021.03.18

Caleb - bed cuddle - Caleb, cuddling. By Seth Triggs. 2021.04.22

Caleb - leap - Caleb, engaging in efficient vertical travel. By Yumihitoru. 2021.04.24

Zoalyn Monroe - Zoa, emitting coolant. By Yumihitoru. 2021.04.27

Bastacia - sunny day - Bastacia, looking out the window at a sunny day. By Seth Triggs. 2021.04.29

Caleb - sunning - Caleb, enjoying the sun. By Seth Triggs. 2021.05.06

Caleb - red panda therapy - Canonically, in the world of Forward, red pandas are fully domesticated. By Seth Triggs. 2021.05.13

Lee, comfy in clouds - Lee, comfortable as always. By Yumihitoru. 2021.05.14

Caleb meditation - Caleb, meditating. By Seth Triggs. 2021.06.10

Caleb peace in the park - Caleb in the park. By Seth Triggs. 2021.06.17

Caleb pillow cuddle - Caleb with a pillow. By Seth Triggs. 2021.06.29

Caleb contemplation outside - Caleb thinking. By Seth Triggs. 2021.08.12

Caleb reflective sitting - Caleb by the water. By Seth Triggs. 2021.09.02

Lee deep thoughts - Lee, thinking. By Seth Triggs. 2021.09.09

Caleb panda cuddle - Caleb with a domesticated red panda. By Seth Triggs. 2021.09.16

Caleb exercise - Caleb doing some pushups. By Seth Triggs. 2021.10.14

Caleb plush cuddle - Caleb cuddling. By Seth Triggs. 2021.12.30

Caleb looming - Caleb is large. By Seth Triggs. 2021.02.24

Lee pretty profile - Lee, looking out a window. By Seth Triggs. 2021.03.10

Lee, pouty - One of Lee's default moods. By Seth Triggs. 2021.05.05

Caleb, panda wrangling - Caleb with a red panda. By Seth Triggs. 2021.05.05

Lee, windswept - Lee, looking glamorous. By Seth Triggs. 2021.06.30

Caleb in an onsen - Caleb, relaxing with a capybara. By Seth Triggs. 2021.09.08

Caleb, spring day - Caleb, out and about. By Seth Triggs. 2021.10.20

Orb in the sheets - Not quite a toga... By Seth Triggs. 2021.11.20

Lee, sleeve shopping - Lee considers their options. By Seth Triggs. 2021.11.24

Lee, cooking - Lee cooking long meatballs. By Seth Triggs. 2023.01.12

Zoa, morning - Zoa, looking ready for action. By Seth Triggs. 2023.02.16

Caleb, cuddling - Caleb with a domesticated red panda. By Seth Triggs. 2023.02.23

Lee, outside air - Lee, out and about. By Seth Triggs. 2023.05.18

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Forward Art by other people - Not Safe for Work

Zoa - tits - This piece is by Ein, before Forward even launched! 2017.08.25

Do Androids Suck Off Electric Sheep? - This bit of fanart about Zoa being put to use is by Gildedtongue! 2018.09.03

Lee - penis POV - Lee showing us the goods, from Seth Triggs. 2019.04.18

Lee - inverted blowjob - Lee with a cock in their mouth, from HayleyPetHarley. 2019.05.12

Lee - curled up - Lee looking pensive, by Seth Triggs. 2019.08.01

After Class - A piece of fiction from Jim Nickabocker. What if, instead of Lee and Zoa, it were the cast of Roll To Save? 2019.08.23

Lee - seated nude - Lee looking reasonably comfortable, by Seth Triggs. 2019.10.24

Lee - booty in bed - Seth Triggs at it again. 2019.11.14

Lee - selfie - If you've got assets, show'em off! - by Seth Triggs

Lee - bathing - Seth Triggs treats us to a peek at Lee in the shower. 2019.12.12

Lee - direct - Lee is many things. "Subtle" is not often one of them. By Seth Triggs. 2020.01.16

Lee - sleepy grasping - Everyone needs a little me-time. By Seth Triggs. 2020.02.13

Lee - sundial - ...not that Lee sees the sun all that often. By Seth Triggs. 2019.12.19

Lee - best view - Lee, showing off. By Seth Triggs. 2020.01.30

Orb & Bastacia - going down - Orb and their spouse enjoying each other. By Seth Triggs. 2020.02.06

Lee - light portrait - This one's pretty classy. By Seth Triggs. 2020.02.27

Lee - supine - This one's also pretty classy. By Seth Triggs. 2020.03.05

Lee - sustained fire - Cumshots, on the other hand... By Seth Triggs. 2020.03.12

Lee - leg stretch - It's important to prevent cramps! By Seth Triggs. 2020.03.19

Lee - thought - Don't get too caught up in your own head. By Seth Triggs. 2020.04.09

Zoa - reverse bunny suit - Ein (Twitter, NSFW Twitter, FurAffinity) was doing reverse-bunny-suits, and included Zoa! 2020.04.21

Lee - snoozy - Lee sleeping. By Seth Triggs. 2020.05.07

Lee - spread forward - Lee, not sleeping. By Seth Triggs. 2020.05.21

Lee - saucy pose - Lee, posing. By Seth Triggs. 2020.07.02

Lee - leggings - Lee, in leggings. By Seth Triggs. 2020.07.16

Bastacia and Orb - smooch - Orb and their spouse, smooching. By Seth Triggs. 2020.08.27

Lee - flower - Lee with a flower. By Seth Triggs. 2020.09.10

Lee - panties - Lee's underwear. By Seth Triggs. 2020.09.24

Bastacia - entice - Bastacia, looking very seductive. By Seth Triggs. 2020.10.08

Lee - bath - Lee in the bath. By Seth Triggs. 2020.10.22

Bastacia&Orb - smoochin's - Bas and Orb goin' at it. By Seth Triggs. 2020.10.29

Lee - booty pose - Lee has a butt. By Seth Triggs. 2020.11.12

Orb - shower - Orb Twofeather, bathing in nature. By Seth Triggs. 2020.12.17

Orb - Santa hat - Orb in a hat, and not much else. By Seth Triggs. 2020.12.24

Lee - phone viewing - Lee, plus phone, minus clothes. By Seth Triggs. 2021.01.14

Lee - pencilly - Lee in black and white. By Seth Triggs. 2021.02.11

Lee - tousling - Lee playing with their hair. By Seth Triggs. 2021.02.18

Lee - drying off - Lee after a bath. By Seth Triggs. 2021.03.04

Lee - couch - Lee sitting in a fashion that shows off their assets. By Seth Triggs. 2021.03.25

Orb, nude, seated. - Orb, nude, seated. By Seth Triggs. 2021.04.01

Lee - rear, night - Lee between us and the light source. By Seth Triggs. 2021.04.08

Lee - bath - Lee, bathing. By Seth Triggs. 2021.04.15

Lee - between legs - Lee, showing off the goods. By Seth Triggs. 2021.05.20

Lee - artsy mirror - Lee, checking themself out. By Seth Triggs. 2021.05.27

Lee - panties - Lee's butt. By Seth Triggs. 2021.06.03

Orb & Bastacia - intensity - Orb and their spouse goin' at it! By Seth Triggs. 2021.09.30

Lee - morning glamorous - Lee in the morning. By Seth Triggs. 2021.11.25

Lee - peekaboo - A glimpse of the goods. By Seth Triggs. 2021.12.02

Lee - butt inspection - Lee, checking themself out with a mirror. By Seth Triggs. 2021.12.23

Orb - fresh shower - Orb, nice and clean. By Seth Triggs. 2022.01.13

Lee, all wet - Lee in the shower. By Seth Triggs. 2022.01.20

Bastacia, alluring - Bas, showing off. By Seth Triggs. 2022.03.24

Orb & Bas - night embrace - Orb and Bas, together. By Seth Triggs. 2022.03.31

Bastacia - kissable - Bas in the nude! By Seth Triggs. 2022.08.04

Lee - bedroom butt - Lee's butt. By Seth Triggs. 2022.09.29

Orb, in a sauna - The teacher having a steam. By Seth Triggs. 2022.10.13

Lee in a teacup - A tempest in a teacup indeed! By Sailor Anna. 2022.10.27

Lee, slight smile - Lee, shirtless. By Seth Triggs. 2023.03.02

Katreya and Zoa - Katreya meeting Zoa. An art trade with Katreya, to see the other half, check the "art by the artist" gallery. 2023.03.08

Lee, between the legs - Lee's lower half. By Seth Triggs. 2023.04.06

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