Forward Art by Tailsteak - Safe for Work

Lee - first concept art - This was the first full image I did of Lee Caldavera. 2017.04.17

Doc - first concept art - This was the first full image I did of Doc. 2017.02.06

Zoa - first concept art - This was the first full image I did of Zoa. 2017.04.03

Caleb - first concept art - This was the first full image I did of Caleb. 2017.05.13

Orb - first concept art - This was the first full image I did of Orb. 2017.02.06

Patricia - first concept art - This was the first full image I did of Patricia. 2017.03.06

Lee - alternate outfit - sketch - Just a sketch of Lee in some different clothes. 2017.10.17

Lee - casual - Lee in a casual outfit. I think they look good! 2018.01.30

Lee - impatient for BiBP - Something I did for Seth Triggs' birthday. Lee loves Buddies in Big Places, and you should too! 2018.04.11

Zoa, Paige - gumshoe - A commission for Paladin Sheppard of Zoa and his character Paige in a classic film noir shot. 2018.08.19

Zoa - postapocalyptic - A commission for Paladin Sheppard of Zoa in a post-apocalyptic scene. 2018.11.27

Lee - pink pinup - This was an experiment with coloured lighting, just for fun! 2019.03.21

Lee - messy pinup - Lee in random clothing 2019.03.21

Zoa - hair animation - Zoa's hair canonically moves around, but this isn't really captured in a still comic. This is a quick gif to show the kind of motion it does. 2020.01.16

Lee - gown - Lee in a classy dressing gown. 2020.01.23

Orb and Bas - Orb and their spouse. 2020.01.27

Lee and Ihhaya - A commission of POVs of Lee and Merle's character, Ihhaya Greeneyes. 2020.02.06

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Forward Art by Tailsteak - Not Safe for Work

Lee - naked - A very simple coloured picture of Lee in the nude... I mostly did this so I was sure what Lee's bits looked like. 2017.07.28

Zoa - space between hip servos - Zoa, showing off its lack of genitals. 2017.10.10

Lee - real media - I don't often bust out the pencil crayons, but I felt like it for this piece. 2017.10.14

Zoa - diagnostic - sketch - A quick sketch of Zoa, checking itself out. 2017.10.14

Lee - angel outfit - This was just for funsies. Topless. 2017.10.26

Lee and Kiesha - You're Beautiful - This was a commission I did for DroganKharg. His character, Kiesha, objects to Lee's negative opinion of themself, and is telling them so. 2017.11.14

Lee, Zoa, Ephy, Liz - Kitchen Blowjob - This was a commission I did for Paladin Sheppard. Zoa (with an ass!) sucking Lee's cock while pancakes are prepared. 2018.03.14

Lee, Zoa, Max, and Kiesha - Cock Worship - This was another commission I did for DroganKharg. Kiesha having her anatomy worshipped by my characters. 2018.03.21

Lee - Peek - Did this one just for fun. Lee (somewhat out of character) showing off the goods! 2018.03.21

Lee, Zoa, Rho - Sunbathing - A commission showing the main characters out soaking up the sun! 2018.04.21

Zoa, Ephy, Liz - Anal Aviator - A commission of Paladin Sheppard's character, Ephy, being fucked in the ass while Zoa offers assistance. 2018.06.25

Beach 1 / Beach 2 / Beach 3 / Beach 4 - A commission of Paladin Sheppard and Lee (with modifications) engaging in coitus on a terraformed Martian beach. 2018.07.16

Orb, Ephy - Courage - After downing a little liquid courage, Orb Twofeather and Paladin Sheppard's character Ephy decide to bang right there on Orb's desk! 2018.09.06

Lee, Paige, Ephy, three guys - Lee Caldavera (female anatomy version) Paladin Sheppard's characters Paige and Ephy, and three anonymous chaps have a little fun at the beach. 2018.10.29

Zoa and Merali - Santa's Little Helper - Zoa in her elf costume, being cruelly held back from sucking Merle's character Merali's cock. 2018.12.05

Zoa and Lee - Zoa's Help - An illustration from the story "Zoa's Help" by Sprocketsdance. 2018.12.12

Lee and Mar - dildos - A commission of Lee and Mar enjoying some sex toys. 2018.12.27

Lee - bikini - No actual nudity in this piece, but it's a skimpy two-piece and you can see where the bulge is, so it goes in this section. 2019.01.29

Caleb and Jade - rockclimbing - A commission of Caleb and Jade (from Paladin Sheppard smooching on top of a mountain. 2019.03.02

Lee - butler tip - Always remember to tip your butler! 2019.03.13

Lee - teddy - This was one of those silly meme clothing things. 2019.03.16

St Patrick's Day - Zoa and Lee celebrating St. Patrick's Day with some green bodypaint. 2019.03.17

Lee and Max - creampie - This was a commission I did for a special 3/14 "Cream Pi Day" event. 2019.03.18

Lee - corset - Lee in a corset, with some nifty backlighting. 2019.03.21

Lee - eveningwear - Lee in some red carpet wear. This belongs in the NSFW section just for one contour line... 2019.03.23

Lee - spreader - Lee all trussed up. 2019.05.12

Blowjorb - John, from Roll To Save, orally servicing Orb. 2019.08.02

Human Zoa - Someone asked what Zoa might look like as a human... 2019.11.13

Lee - draped - Lee in a bathrobe. Well... mostly in. 2019.11.13

Zoa standing - Zoa without clothes on. 2020.01.01

Zoa in the alley - Zoa scavenging. 2020.02.18

Kiesha and Lee in sweaters - A commission of Lee snuggling up with Kiesha. 2020.03.05

Lee and Human Zoa - creampie - This was for the "Cream Pi Day" event - a commission of Lee making use of human!Zoa's fully functional vagina. 2020.03.16

Lee, inverted - Lee, hanging from a jungle gym. 2020.04.15

Lee and Veil hypno 1, 2, 3, 4 - Lee hypnotized by Veil (character owned by Merle). 2020.06.08

Lee, clubwear - Lee in a too-short microskirt. 2020.07.29

Lee and Arizona - Lee being dominated by Arizona (character owned by Cirne). 2020.08.10

Lee flopped - Lee, half-dressed (linework by Tailsteak, colouring done by ThePuglist). 2020.10.28

Zoa MINO - An answer to what Zoa would probably look like, if money were no object. 2020.12.02

Zoa with candy cane - Zoa with a candy cane, a Santa hat, and nothing else. 2020.12.15

Zoa BJ POV - Testing out your new cock with this handy robot! 2021.10.01

Zoa ref sheet - This is all the stuff I have to keep in mind whenever I draw Zoa. 2021.10.10

Katreya and Zoa - A crossover with Katreya (you can see the other half in the "art by others" gallery). 2023.03.06

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